The Illusive Mating Call of the Hawaiian Hipster.

17 Jan

With the new year comes…A NEW BUCKETLIST UPDATE.


ImageYa, the image is messed up on here. Thats wordpress for you, but its fine if ya click it.

As you can see…its exactly the same >.>


I think I have kind of given up to be honest, I have also been working allot more ๐Ÿ™‚ I have been promoted to full time and FINALLY got a name badge (only took 3 years lol) But for the most part that keeps me really busy.

I am still doing allot of the continuing stuff on this list though. For example, recently i have been completely obsessed with Christina Grimmie, i love how she sings hymns ๐Ÿ™‚

AND ALTHOUGH I GREATLY MISS THE HECK OUT OF IT…I havent touched Coffee since i was baptised…yay?


I took a semester off of school which kind of helped me get more into my job, but now I am attempting to do both…which to be honest I am not overly thrilled with. I think i am only really attending to keep my grandparents happy.

I havent been attending church either which makes me uber sad :C but not much i can do about that if i want to continue eating and such…although…it sounds like a tremendous weight loss program…to bad theres no Coffee or they might have something there….

Moving oooooooooon.

Apparently i am going to Hawaii.

I know, i was stunned to.

I am not really the Hawaii type of person. Ya know…sand…things living in the water that can bite your toes off,ย inevitably leading to your friend having to piss on your leg and ending in a complete limb amputation.

Art by Bryce Morriss.
Google it.

Plus theres sun over there!!!!!!!! I MIGHT TAN.


Although, i have hopes that i will muster the social courage to venture out of my hotel long enough to get my “pet a whale” bucketlist item done.

I hear they have tons of whales that wash up on the beach…in Buddy Holly Wayfarers *cough*Hipster*cough* and Hawaiian style shirts.

You can hear their mating call which some would say sound like the moans of various nationalities of tourists who are regretting not buying the triple strength suntan lotion.

Yup. I went there.





Another Sexy Strike Off The List

28 May

Hello and welcome back to my epic journey of doable-ness!

I have been so swamped with volunteering and forgetting to read my book of mormonย scripturesย (im in helaman) that I keep putting off updating this blog. ๐Ÿ˜‰ oops!

Now, i know i am not doing as great with my readings as i once was but I have proudly been able to avoid all forms of coffee and unallowed teas thus far ๐Ÿ˜€ MAJOR awesome, considering how coffee addicted i was before. Now i am simply Pepsi addicted ;D OOOOOPS AGAIN.

Unfortunately I havent been to church in…uh….several months now? DAAAAAAAANG I DONT EVEN REMEMBER WHEN I LAST WENT. Not my fault though :C I have to work to pay off my ever growing school debts. D: Which despite my owing of money to the ever greedy visa people, i have tithed 10% of every paycheque ๐Ÿ™‚ (considering how money miserly i am…this is more of a miracle than the coffee thing)

However, one worse thing has come from me not going to church, and thats that my dad has also recently stoppped going. He just cant get into the swing of things without me there. I saw it coming.

This is one of the major reasons why I go to my ward rather than the youth ward (besides my anti social tendancies towards people my own age *troll face*)

The YSA missionaries still contact me though ๐Ÿ™‚ which is awesome, as I have said before, this is the closest thing to church i get nowadays XD HAHAHA….ooooooh saaaaadness.


Sometimes in my journey down this bucketlist i forget how amazing certain people have been in supporting me in it. Even when I myself forget exactly the things I have set out to do in order to complete my adventure.

And thus a very good friend took me along to play the ever important part of “the third wheel” with her and her man slave (hence forth refered to as “wallet”, thus is my current view of MANkind) to theย Naughty but Nice Sex Show!

ย In case some of you dont know what that is let me explain a little bit.

The city i live in has a local tradex where different events and traveling shows come to sell and entertain etc. (gun, shows, car shows etc).

The Taboo show is pretty much…the sex show XD haha. Now, why would i want to go to this show badly enough that i would put it on my bucketlist? Because i have never done it. Its that simple.

I have to admit though, it did not happen the way i had hoped

Despite the fact that i was exhausted from work that day and that i am so completely broke i am living off of dollar store crackers i still made the time to go and it became doubley important for me to go as a way to celebrate my friends bday ๐Ÿ™‚

Unfortunately no one else from my usual posse’ wanted to ๐Ÿ˜ฆ so i was really sad about that, it would have been amazing to all go together. Oh well, i got to meet her new BF so that was an epic plus ๐Ÿ™‚ good guy. good wallet.

I was very surprised by the lack of security when we walked in. I demanded to show my id to someone…but nooo one caaaaaaared.

And my friend thought i was a moron. But honesty is just how i roll ;D

But they seemed to have no problem TAKING MY 15 BUCKS FOR ENTRY. I’m sorry but thats insane for the lack of entertainment that was there…I suppose it was worth the check on my list though. HAHAHAHA PRIORITIES.

All over the dark interior of the building were booths selling all kinds of funky sex things. The wallet looked strangely excited…

There were all kinds of flavored this and that and more importantly COOORSETS. Freaking love corsets…but i did not love the price of them.

Luckily I was 5 dollars short to get a white and black polka dotted one i fell in love with or this blog may have had a completely different ending…with my in a neon pink wig and dancing in a cage or some shit like that XD.

AND YES. I WAS IMPRESSED BY THE CAGE DANCERS. It looked like fun, i would so do that.

There was also a stage and some strip shows which was interesting to watch…although my friends wallet was not sure if the large black cross dresser was a man or a woman. LOL. ooooh silly wallets. When in doubt, its always a man!

Overall it was fun, i got to see the booth a friend of mine told me she had worked before ๐Ÿ™‚ that was awesome (although hella pricey 0-0 DAYUM) and my birthday girl buddy even tried one on :0 looked really god to, she was braver than me XD Sorry, but i think my fat ass would break the strings and then oops…even more debt XD LOL

Afterwards we went to see the gang at the clubhouse (aka their house lol). That was fun ๐Ÿ™‚ it was nice to see them again, they have been so busy lately that we havent had time to hangout and get in trouble ;D

They live on this awesome piece of land that allows them to have TONS of animals. Chickens, dogs and a breeding ground OF KITTENS.

and we all know how i am not without my own kitten :C

Honestly, i have no idea if i remembered to fill you in on everything going on or not, i have been slowly getting this entry done over a period of 2 weeks or so XD HAHA

So if i forgot something i will mention it next time ๐Ÿ™‚

as for other stuff, i am painting little by little and am actually starting to look into selling something…maybe….>.> its very nerve wracking to think about.

But as a friend suggested to me, i think online is the way to go, then i dont have to frame it, and framing is always half the cost of any piece.

I am looking at charging 20-50 dollars of it.

But unfortunately i have not been painting anything for my bucket list like i originally thought i would as a way to document…sooo the church painting remains as it was. (i hate doing archetecture.)

But i am doing my best to make time because (as predicted by many) once again the free time i thought i would have this summer has been filled up x20 by my inability to say “no thank you” to people in need XD OOOOOOPSY ๐Ÿ˜‰



p.s. on the Music side of things however, i have discovered the website that turns youtube videos into MP3’s ๐Ÿ˜€ I RECOMMEND THE YOUTUBE BAND KARMIN. AMAZINGNESS.


Cupcake Cannibalism is a Tasty Death.

24 Apr

I have been eating so much junk lately that i think that i might be turning into a cupcake :/

…wait…is that a bad thing or a good thing?


I am starting to get in the swing of things again when it comes to reading my scriptures!ย HUZZAH.

My bucket list stuff hasnt been going as smoothly as planned :C I have not had an opportunity to get to doing anything really…maybe i will work on page 2 of my comic tonight…that might be a good plan.


I AM technically volunteering tomarrow ๐Ÿ˜€ although it is for my workplace again so I do not really count it. However, my next blood donation appointment is on the 1st of may (great way to start the month :D) So i am hoping i will be able to muster up the courage to ask if they are looking for volunteers :)!!! Two birds with one stone! HAHA

Also, i HAVE BEGUN WORKING ON A PAINTING SERIES ๐Ÿ˜€ Which falls under “Sell a painting” (or at least thats how i see it). I am hoping to get enough pieces together to be able to have my own gallery exhibition at the arts council in the next city over (i work for the one here, so it would be a conflict of interest).

The subject i am doing it on is craving and torture based on our lusting addiction to food. (as we all know by now…I have a serious problem with LOLZ)

>:D trust me its pretty damn evil.

…I should probably get to painting my bucket list stuff too come to think of it…oops….

I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW. I have this horrible habit of starting to much at one time. This is exactly why I NEVER finish anything and exactly why this list is absolutely necessary to improve my life…if…ya know..i actually finish it. HAHA. oi.

Drowning in half complete projects.




Pft, Productivity is for Cthulhu’s

21 Mar


Life goal in ultimate lazy achievment. COMPLETE. Take that productive society!!!!

Oh…why hello their faithful viewers ๐Ÿ˜€ nice to see there are so many of you. I am sure you are wondering “what the cthulhuย is this kid talking about?”



Well, as you know by now, I am in an upper level Photo 4 class at my university (Film, not digital) and one of the requirments for the year was to print a 30″x40″ mounted mural print. The very thought of having to buy that much photosensitive paper made me cry…along with the 8 hours it would have taken to develop that beast. ECK.

*Ahem* Moving on….

I did my usual routine got up at 6am (slept in an hour. i DESERVED IT), did my workout, showed, drank my tea, and read my scriptures (as part of bucketlist item one’s requirement ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and went to my photo class.

Then I went home and decorated my cats grave some more. I THINK THIS IS COMPLETELY HEALTHY…..shutup internet.


Doesnt it look pretty?

Not much on the bucketlist happend unfortunately :/

But what I have been working on the most ย is finding an opportunity to volunteer.

I would prefer if it was for a good cause, rather than just for a need for extra hands at a hockey event.

I did have something lined up with the epilepsy society but the EXACT day I was going to hand in my volunteer sheet my cat died and I fell into hopeless despair (which has now apparently turned into a hopeless obsession with garden aesthetics lol)

Maybe i will try the SPCA. ๐Ÿ˜€ I HAVE always wanted to do that, but I know that they demand allot more of you than just a weeks worth of good deeds. In fact, its something like a 3 month commitment, so perhaps in the summer if the positions dont fill up to fast. Any thoughts?

OH, I FORGOT. I did do some more bucketlist documentingย last night, aka slightly worked on my painting of my church. But not enough that it would be a noticable difference for me to warrant posting a picture of it.

At the time I WAS attempting to do the homework that is due tomarrow….but instead sat for 4 hours in my studio, productively staring at a wall and then moved onto poking at my bucketlist painting for a good…5 minutes. BUT IT COUNTS!!!!

Which reminds me…I should get to my homework.

Off to stare at the walls some more! TTYL



The Hills Are Alive With The Sounds Of…Rihanna?

17 Mar

My alarm didnt go off this morning! LUCKILY, I some how managed to wake up 2 hours before i had to leave for work and managed to do my work out, caffinate and read my scriptures (only a chapter though).

Things are not looking to good on the job front. But I wont give up! This is my dream job, I love to help and associate with artists and do my best to help the community while doing it. I get so many amazing opportunities and wonderful experiences through this, even if I do have to scrub toilet. HAHA. It can be really hard and unorganized at times, but thats part of the charm, problem solving on the spot is a unique challenge I seem to thrive in. Plus, I get to train a grade 12 student for her work experience. WHAT A SWEET HEART. Never complains, works hard…has caught on to my stupidity and addiction to caffeine easily…HAHAHA. That takes skill.

Anyways, I am sure you are not here to read about my day, so ONTO THE LIST.

Ongoing: “Commercial Fall Through” and “Music”


As you can see, there have been some changes due to some recent unpleasant issues. (I just cant catch a break recently, now can I? XD)

I have removed “Be in a commercial“. The reason being that the opportunity fell through. I cant say much more than that unfortunately.

But I have replaced it with a couple of dandy alternatives (I am trying to make “dandy” cool again. is it working?) which are to to attend the “Naughty but Nice” taboo show at our local tradex (and laugh at all the tight ass picketers HAHAHAHA) and also go and see/feed the birds at the local Aviary. It was suggested to me at work today and sounds like allot of fun…so long as I dont get stabbed to death by an unusually sharp beak…


With that bit of set back out of the way. Lets talk music!

As a child, my parental father figure shipped me off every summer to my parents up in the mountains and every time they would force me kicking and screaming to attend a proffessional musical summer school.

I HATED IT. I had liked music fine before attending but the competitive mothers and their satan spawned offspring completely ruined it for me. Since then I have been on this life long grudge against music and anything musical.

Which is to bad because I was supposedly, a super good singer when I was younger and even had an offer to be taught privately by one of the instructors but naturally by the time I was old enough to choose, I refused.

They taught a little of everything there, I was great with the singing, was a complete ham with the theatre, just followed along with the dancing, but when it came to instruments…well…let just say within the 7 years i attended….I took beginner keyboard 7 times. ๐Ÿ˜‰ (I am quite proud of that inability)

Long story short, since then, when i had my ipod on…it was to listen to the news.

SO, I finally decided that holding a grudge this long had to be unhealthy so I have been trying my best to listen to a little music everyday, usually when i am changing in the morning (deciding what to wear is a long and tedious process you know which requires background music, for posing purposed.)

So far I have found, Owl City, Rihanna and Adele are to my liking.


Feel free to toss them over in the comments below (WARNING: Rap will be severely mocked)



DJ TheHappyLittleArtist.

Word to yo mama.


Pineapples, Kitties and Tea OH MY.

13 Mar

I had a dream last night that my friend Dan and I were dancing at a pineapple celebration, worshipping the almighty powers of the pineapple. What do you think THAT means?

Today I slept until 12:30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING. The last month i haven’t had a day where i could sleep past 5am. The reason why i am able to sleep in so awesomely late today is because i volunteered to stay home and watch my Cat. She had a stroke the other day :C I am really scared for her but at the same time, she IS 20 years old and already suffers greatly from arthritis and is completely deaf. She has gotten me through ALLOT of hard times in my life (bless her little furry heart) and i love her more than anything but at the same time the only thing i want for her is to peacefully fall asleep and not wake up. Rather than any other kind of horrible alternative. At the moment she walks lopsided because her right half is paralyzed and i cant get her to eat/drink anything :C Dad always has better luck with that kind of thing it seems. Nope, she doesn’t have much longer, which is why i am sitting here writing this entry next to her, keeping a close and loving eye.

Now, where are we?

That’s right! The next part of the bucket list. (pre completed)

Give up Coffee, Green, Black, Red, Yellow, White and Oolong Teas.

I proudly admit that on an average work week i could easily down two or more pots of super strong black coffee and still be seen buying a diet coke.

However, despite my obvious love affair with the black….beautiful, magical….awe inspiring….brew, I had no problems giving it up.

I simplyย put away my single cup machine, hid away the Maxwell and wallah! It was done and I haven’t had a sip since. The tea’s were a little harder but only because I had no idea how many types of tea existed that were considered red/green/black/yellow/white/oolong etc etc etc. Your probably wondering why I chose to give up these London staples of life.

Well to be honest it goes hand in hand with the first bucket list item i completed. Which was to get baptised.

In my church we stand by the principle that “Your body is a temple” so take care of it. Which includes not ingesting anything may can be considered harmful. There are the obvious things like alcohol and drugs. But allot of people don’t know that Coffee and non herbal teas contain a powerful chemical that is actually classified as a poison. Which is why Coffee is known as an excellent laxative, your body is trying to expel the evil. HA. Don’t I paint a lovely image? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyways, I haven’t been much of a tea drinker in years but when i was it was green all the way baby! So I soon found out that i would have to go shopping or give up one of the few pleasures i truely enjoy in my life, which is to wake up with a boiling hot beverage. (and I mean BOILING. i like it hotter than hell)

Thanks to google and my own mall rat obsession I was able to find something in my price range, that i am loving (for the moment anyways)


And i have been drinking it every since ๐Ÿ™‚ sometimes i even bring it to class with me…although, i have learned this may not be the best idea. Apparently Hot liquid in the morning keeps this artist awake…but any time after….ZzZzZz. LOL. Whoops.

Well, thats about it for this entry, sorry for the shortness. I have a goal for myself to complete and post a blog every night before Midnight. This way it is still relevant to the day I wrote it,ย ย I put todays off for quite awhile due to my Kitty issues. Sorry. Haha!

XoXoXo As always