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Slower Than a Dead Snail

7 Jul

It has been a long while since i updated this in some part because i have yet to complete another item off of my ever growing bucketlist and in some part because of my recent onslaught of depression.

It happens.

thats is why i started this project after all, to help fight off this life long horror that is the negativity of my life?

Allot has happend in a month, allot of things i never thought i would ever do.

I gave up school and am no longer trying for any kind of degree, I am accepting my failure. I am OPEN to going back but I have definately taken the semester off and will not even be able to consider going back until at least January. This is the first time ever in 7 years i have not attended. I have even taken summer semesters straight through. (I have excellent stamina)

I am deep in my eye balls in debt and am looking for a second job and possibley a third after that.


I havent been reading my scriptures at all. OOPS. But honestly, it isnt like we all havent seen THAT coming from reading my previous blogs. I am still fighting the urge to drink coffee though (amazing as it is). I have the feeling that I will lose this fight. Funny how i never had any problem with it until now. haha.

Now just because I havent been successful in crossing off one of my bucketlist items doesnt mean I havent been half assing stuff.

I gave blood for my third time 🙂 Image

and i got this nifty zipper pull and another sticker for my ever growing collection.
Plus the usual sugar high from cookie overdose. It was different because i had to go alone and because they took from my right arm…and i kept overly using it by accident XD HAHA.

Since this last semester finished for me i have had ALLOT of time to do…well…nothing.

So naturally i did what i always do when i have nothing left to live for besides sleeping. I eat a truck load of junk food and draw cartoons.


Which leads me to the half assed bucket list items:

1) Work on overcoming social anxiety


 I left the house! That counts, right?

No, but really, I did stuff AND IT WAS SLIGHTLY SPONTANEOUS…for me anyways. I have this need to plan, which in part probably hinders me allot from doing things. I dont like surprises. I dont do them well, so when my friend askes me the day before to do see the july 1st canada day fireworks I surprised myself by saying yes. PLUS i worked that day, I never leave the house after work because i am usually EXHAUSTED. So yay me! They were really awesome. I have never been in town for Canada day before because usually i am shipped to my grandparents to baby sit everyone elses kids while they have a party. I am NOT good with kids and now they are to old to fall for the hide and seek trick, where they hide and Isit on the couch eating cookies pretending to look for them calling out every now in then “DRAT i really thought you were there!” or “I SEE MOVEMENT BEHIND THE _____”.

2) Write a Comic Book

(Which, as you know is a complete cop out because I am really just re-drawing my old one from highschool)

So here it is, Page 2 of “OMG: Quails and Ants”

(Click here for the post with part one)Image

Well I think i got it all, I will keep you updated with the next thing I do! Even if it is all coming along at the pace of a dead snail.




3 Lives in ONE Hour. WHAT!?

4 May

Forgive me faithful readers but before i begin my usual update I feel as if I must first get a much needed rant off my chest.

As you probably know by now, I am but a lowly university student. I cant afford a car and in fact, cant even afford to take my drivers test ( its on my bucket list…15$, took it once and failed but have not been able to afford to take it again since LOL).

SO, I consider myself very fortunate to go to a university that has a U-Pass system for students. What is a U-Pass? well a U-Pass stands for “University Pass” it is a free bus pass that is given to any student who wants one and attends my school. It is not only a valid card for local transit but is apart of the “safe ride home program” (a free taxi ride worth 25$) and lets us get discounts at certain coffee shops and stores around town AND also lets us go to the local city pool/gym for free.

Needless to say, I love my free bus pass. Without it, i would be lost and abandoned in the world of bumming rides off of my parental unit, whom tends to talk my ear off and whom I regretabley have very little patience for.


I love everything about the bus, it gives me freedom and so whenever I see my amazing bus drivers doing their job above and BEYOND their duty, I get a little livid.

I was on my bus, heading to volunteer some time at my workplace (which i do often and does NOT count as a bucketlist item) when at the next stop parapeligic man (whom i see often) wants to get on. Now, if you have never taken public transit, there is a ramp that gets lowered electronically to allow people in wheel chairs and those with walkers easier access. However, it is slow and naturally takes time to lower, and not only that but then the driver has to get up and seatbelt the person in to the handicapped section in the front of the bus. Sometimes arguing with ablebodied persons who simpley refuse to leave their seat in this section (morons). So anyways, my driver (one of the funner drivers in town) lowers the ramp and is being nice and polite chatting with the man as he drove up the ramp, when people start to honk and swear as they drove past the bus. Flipping us the bird and being REALLY obscene about it.

I over heard my awesome driver say “Dont worry about it, they dont understand this is handicapped access” to the man getting on whom was so upset by it he was starting to back off so the bus could leave without him.

Do these asshole drivers not noticed the disability light that flashes whenever someone like this is getting on? this Peeves me off to no end. There is no reason who anyone should make anyone else feel like their disability is a burden on others. READERS. DONT BE ONE OF THESE PEOPLE. Seriously, no matter where you are, show a little kindness.

That barista you are getting your coffee from who just got your order wrong? Might have a learning disability or simpley having a bad day. They are people.ImageThat bus driver who is parked to let people on on the side of the road but blocking traffic, may not have achoice and is just doing their job.

Kind ness and PATIENCE seems to be a lost art nowadays.

Just something to think about.

Anyways, Im tired of talking about stupid people, lets move on to what we are all here for 😀

3 Lives in…ONE hour!???

FUNNY THING. Do you remember the last time I gave blood? It took me THREE WHOLE HOURS (which, in hindsight is not allot to save any number of lives). Well this time it took WAY less time, which was super nice, but also kind of concerning in a way. There were less than half the amount of people there, ready to give than when i had my last appointment. :C Sadness!!!!!!!


Meet my collection. Jealous? ;D

I went through the exact same process as last time, except that I got a chance to flash my card and have it signed….which i did not know they would do 😮 APPARENTLY THEY HAVE A REWARDS PROGRAM. On my third visit…I get a free Zipper pull!!!!! HELL YEAH, and i thought getting stickers was pretty damn epic.

HEY, EPIC BUCKETLIST GOOD NEWS. I asked the people who were stealing my life liquids about volunteering there. Apparently all the volunteers do, is hang out around the cookie and juice area.


But we shall see whether or not my commitment/social anxiety will let me take part in this new venture. Also, with my recent time restraints due to work and my week off/summer vacation from school ending today…it never looks to good :C

A quick note, I hope everyone who reads this goes and donates blood but be careful.

Do your research on what to eat and drink BEFORE and after your appointment. I knew what to do before hand but chose to ignore it because i am super woman and can do anything. BAD CHOICE MKAY?.

Instead of drinking 2 litres of water and eating 3 hours before, I drank 2 litres of dr. pepper (which dehydrates you) and nibbled a on tofu (very high in protein and other good stuff that you need to replenish blood). Needless to say that night I nearly fell over in my kitchen.

Yup, it lasted several hours despite me drinking a shit ton of water because i DID NOT prepare enough BEFORE I went.


Not much else happend since i last chatted with you. I went to my bosses retirement party (where ironically i ended up working more than enjoying myself LOL EVERYTIME)

I will miss her allot :C sadness.




3 Lives in 3 Hours

15 Mar

Hello my lovelies!

Today I got up at 8am, worked out for 20 minutes, showered, drank some tea, read one and a half chapters from my scriptures (I usually read 2 but I couldn’t focus, this is part of being baptised. It’s an ongoing thing) and went to my painting 4 class. I am so glad it was a proposal day and that my proposal for our final project went well. i don’t think i could have gotten much more done with my mind still in a horrible fog from the loss of my precious kitty :’C

But it was an interesting day none the less and very inspiring. I learned allot about our inner desires and the conflicts we face as individuals. The bits of life that make us who we are in our own minds and the things we don’t share with others or, in some cases the things that we don’t know how to properly share with others. I may do a painting on this in the summer if I remember.

Anyways, let’s get to it! The next and final thing I completed on the list thus far

Donating Blood

First off I should let you know exactly why donating blood is on the list.

I could tell you that it was because of my mother, who was sick all my life and relied heavily on the generosity of donors.

Buuuuuut that would be a lie. Honestly, a large part of me starting the bucketlist at all was because i was tired of saying “if I had the time” or “that’s a great idea” and doing nothing after the fact. I really did think donating blood was a good idea, yet i never did anything about it before. That to me, is stupid and hypocritical and it needed to change.

So I made an appointment. I t was really easy 🙂 you have the choice of either calling in, or filling out some information online and it all only took a few minutes on http://www.blood.ca/

They even give you the option of receiving either an email reminder or phone call before your appointment and there are maps and locations in your area listed on the website for you to choose from. Very very helpful 🙂 Heres what my confirmation looked like:

So I wrote it on my calendar and waited and did my best to get a group of friends to go with me. Which is always a good idea if you are getting blood taken, you don’t want to have to drive (or in my case, bus) yourself home just incase you react badly in some way.

Unfortunately when the day finally came, only one of my bff’s could make it. But it was awesome and fun none the less. Looking back, it was an awesome and special thing we got to do together 🙂 and i am glad she came along for support.

After we entered the building a woman signed me in (made sure i had the appointment etc), gave me a number and some information to read on what to do in case you felt sick etc. Then had me sit in a chair where I waited for about an hour. My friend kept me preoccupied with internet jokes and kittens. Then when they finally called me (and this was the worst part) they took my information, typed it into the computer…AND PRICKED MY FINGER. You wouldn’t think this was the worst part now would you? Well IT WAS. THAT THING THROBBED FOR DAYS. (this is also where they gave me my “First time” Sticker. EPIC.)

I know they did it to test my iron levels (can’t give if you have low iron) but DAMN. Really. It HURT.

Once that was done and i got the good to go for Iron levels. The nice lady gave me a questionnaire to fill out and a name card. My friend and I then went over to a private desk and I had to go down a list of health questions…one of which was amazingly about whether or not i have been in contact with monkeys. Once you fill out that form you take your card, place it in a box and sit down until your card gets pulled (they are all in order, don’t worry, no budging)

It FELT like this section of waiting took the longest…as we were moving closer and closer to the stations where they draw blood….well, that is until i noticed the tables that came after that…which were full of delicious cookies and juice…but more importantly…cookies.

After another hour of waiting (it was pretty busy there) I was called into a private little cubicle where they take your questionnaire and ask you even more questions…mostly about mexico and STD’s (YEAH VIRGIN PRIDE).

By the time i got done with that, there was no one in any of the blood drawing section (lucky me), so i got to choose which arm i wanted them to take from 😀 (which is awesome when you’re a right-handed artist with school the next day. So i chose left)
They stuck me like a pin cushion, had me squeeze this little ball (I refused to look) while my friend and I talked about boys and Nikki Minaj and other stuff.

Whalaa! Ten minutes later I was done and being carefully led to the cookie table where a nurse FORCED me to eat more cookies than i have eaten in years (due to my glucose intolerance, but I didn’t argue 😉 HAHA). I got a lovely pin for my good deed and I cherish it very much!

Before we left they thanked me for saving the lives of three people with my donation *insert warm fuzzy emote of happy here*

I am SOOOOO proud I did it and honestly can’t wait the alloted period to do it again!!! Hopefully with more people doing it with me 🙂

My plan HAD been to write about this topic  yesterday but was unable to do so due to my circumstances….However, it is a good thing I didn’t! Ironically right after I had pushed the “Publish” button over in the side bar for my last entry I got a call from the blood bank. Honestly, when I saw the number on my caller I.D. it freaked me out, I assumed that you only got the call if they found something wrong with your blood. Apparently not. I got some amazing news that they could not wait to share with me 🙂 I AM A RARE BLOOD TYPE. I am so excited that I have the chance to save more lives, pretty much anyone with a + blood type can benefit from my own. This does mean that if i ever need a transfusion or anything that I am pretty much screwed because i am only compatible with “O+ and O” blood but, kay sera sera. As long as I can help someone else, I am thrilled, no matter what. YAYZ.

Tomarrow, I will talk and explain my “on-going” Bucketlist projects and hopefully if you all like them, I will draw some more cartoons 🙂

Love Peace Chicken Grease