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The Illusive Mating Call of the Hawaiian Hipster.

17 Jan

With the new year comes…A NEW BUCKETLIST UPDATE.


ImageYa, the image is messed up on here. Thats wordpress for you, but its fine if ya click it.

As you can see…its exactly the same >.>


I think I have kind of given up to be honest, I have also been working allot more 🙂 I have been promoted to full time and FINALLY got a name badge (only took 3 years lol) But for the most part that keeps me really busy.

I am still doing allot of the continuing stuff on this list though. For example, recently i have been completely obsessed with Christina Grimmie, i love how she sings hymns 🙂

AND ALTHOUGH I GREATLY MISS THE HECK OUT OF IT…I havent touched Coffee since i was baptised…yay?


I took a semester off of school which kind of helped me get more into my job, but now I am attempting to do both…which to be honest I am not overly thrilled with. I think i am only really attending to keep my grandparents happy.

I havent been attending church either which makes me uber sad :C but not much i can do about that if i want to continue eating and such…although…it sounds like a tremendous weight loss program…to bad theres no Coffee or they might have something there….

Moving oooooooooon.

Apparently i am going to Hawaii.

I know, i was stunned to.

I am not really the Hawaii type of person. Ya know…sand…things living in the water that can bite your toes off, inevitably leading to your friend having to piss on your leg and ending in a complete limb amputation.

Art by Bryce Morriss.
Google it.

Plus theres sun over there!!!!!!!! I MIGHT TAN.


Although, i have hopes that i will muster the social courage to venture out of my hotel long enough to get my “pet a whale” bucketlist item done.

I hear they have tons of whales that wash up on the beach…in Buddy Holly Wayfarers *cough*Hipster*cough* and Hawaiian style shirts.

You can hear their mating call which some would say sound like the moans of various nationalities of tourists who are regretting not buying the triple strength suntan lotion.

Yup. I went there.





Slower Than a Dead Snail

7 Jul

It has been a long while since i updated this in some part because i have yet to complete another item off of my ever growing bucketlist and in some part because of my recent onslaught of depression.

It happens.

thats is why i started this project after all, to help fight off this life long horror that is the negativity of my life?

Allot has happend in a month, allot of things i never thought i would ever do.

I gave up school and am no longer trying for any kind of degree, I am accepting my failure. I am OPEN to going back but I have definately taken the semester off and will not even be able to consider going back until at least January. This is the first time ever in 7 years i have not attended. I have even taken summer semesters straight through. (I have excellent stamina)

I am deep in my eye balls in debt and am looking for a second job and possibley a third after that.


I havent been reading my scriptures at all. OOPS. But honestly, it isnt like we all havent seen THAT coming from reading my previous blogs. I am still fighting the urge to drink coffee though (amazing as it is). I have the feeling that I will lose this fight. Funny how i never had any problem with it until now. haha.

Now just because I havent been successful in crossing off one of my bucketlist items doesnt mean I havent been half assing stuff.

I gave blood for my third time 🙂 Image

and i got this nifty zipper pull and another sticker for my ever growing collection.
Plus the usual sugar high from cookie overdose. It was different because i had to go alone and because they took from my right arm…and i kept overly using it by accident XD HAHA.

Since this last semester finished for me i have had ALLOT of time to do…well…nothing.

So naturally i did what i always do when i have nothing left to live for besides sleeping. I eat a truck load of junk food and draw cartoons.


Which leads me to the half assed bucket list items:

1) Work on overcoming social anxiety


 I left the house! That counts, right?

No, but really, I did stuff AND IT WAS SLIGHTLY SPONTANEOUS…for me anyways. I have this need to plan, which in part probably hinders me allot from doing things. I dont like surprises. I dont do them well, so when my friend askes me the day before to do see the july 1st canada day fireworks I surprised myself by saying yes. PLUS i worked that day, I never leave the house after work because i am usually EXHAUSTED. So yay me! They were really awesome. I have never been in town for Canada day before because usually i am shipped to my grandparents to baby sit everyone elses kids while they have a party. I am NOT good with kids and now they are to old to fall for the hide and seek trick, where they hide and Isit on the couch eating cookies pretending to look for them calling out every now in then “DRAT i really thought you were there!” or “I SEE MOVEMENT BEHIND THE _____”.

2) Write a Comic Book

(Which, as you know is a complete cop out because I am really just re-drawing my old one from highschool)

So here it is, Page 2 of “OMG: Quails and Ants”

(Click here for the post with part one)Image

Well I think i got it all, I will keep you updated with the next thing I do! Even if it is all coming along at the pace of a dead snail.



This Reminded Me Of Why I Started :)

29 May


Maybe If There is Progress, There Will Be Confetti :o

13 Apr

Greetings possible stalkers!

SUMMER HAS ARRIVED and the weather has been glorious!!!!!!!

I have completed my finals and am looking forward to more bucketlist activities! I really lucked out this semester, my prof was sick on the day of our final critiques (which is like the art students version of an exam, except you have to stand up in front of your peers and fight tooth and nail in defence of your work for 20 minutes), so I DIDNT HAVE TO DO IT. BREW HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

And yes, I actually went “brewhahahahaha” and danced like a moron to the amusement of my classmates.

Then, i proceeded to write things like “YAY” on the white board and dash off with a friend to buy 10 loaves of bread.

Yup. My life in a nutshell right there. 😉

On the religious front…I have not been able to go to church unfortunately. My amazing workplace of amazingness has needed me to work full weekend shifts. WHICH I ADOOOORE TO NO END, especially during the summer when we are busiest. I love to meet and talk to new people about art and help to support our local talent. I am OVERLY passionate about it, some people I come across even notice how into it I am. HAHA….I hope thats a good thing…XD (crazyobsessedpersontype)

My scripture study, unfortunately has been lacking…and as for resisting the ambrosia which is coffee…does coffee crisp count? If so…I BLAME THE EASTER BUNNY.


Last Saturday the missionaries visited my work again :). Once again while my trainee was unable to make it…i think she’s starting to think they dont exist. LOL.
They were funny, lining up to listen to an audio piece we have about the sexuality of fast food advertissing. HAHA. Unfortunately we got busy really fast and they left fairly quickely, probably so as to not feel as though they were bothering me at work lol. Which they never do, they are the only bit of church I get lately XD. Oi.

Moving on, i mentioned last post that i was able to take part in an arts rally/rock concert type thing. It was partially put on by my amazing painting teacher and she encouraged us all to take part by writing poems and attending. It was allot of fun but unfortunately it was held outside on the green…in freezing weather. Allot of people showed up and I was surprised by how many passer by’s stopped to listen on their way to class. We are not a very social university…but…that could be said for the entire town really…

What else, what else? It has been so long since i have updated you all I feel a little perplexed with going ons! HAHA

I have not seen my friends in a very long time. THEY HAVE ABANDONED ME >:C
Oh well. Haters gonna hate. >:C


Bucketlist wise, I have started page 2 today of my comic book and am trying to get people to go roller blading with me before our coastal weather decides it no longer wants to stay decent for me.

Also, I am attempting to get a group together to visit our local carnival type thing we have here called “Playland”. It has changed allot since I was last there, way back in grade 7 and I have been attempting to plan the trip for several years now. However, my friends hate fun and are not very accomodating to my needs (OBVIOUSLY 😉 ). HAHA. Maybe now with my bucketlist and all the amazing support they have been giving me as i try to cross off more stuff, we will make it. I hope so 😀 I love arcade games. HURRAY FOR PROGRESS.

 And with that I think you are pretty much all caught up.

It is weird to think that it has been one entire month since my cat passed away :C
It still feels like it only just happend. weird.

ANYWAYS have a happy Friday the 13th ;D (again…did you know we also had one this january???? SPOOOOKY)

Stay Lucky



I Make Slowness Look DAMN Monocle-y!

25 Mar

My sincerest apologies for the not writing the past couple days but honestly..I havent been doing much of anything but working XD HAHA so i did not feel the need to update my progress on my doable bucketlist seeing as how…there has not been any. LOL

My days have been the same, got up at 5am, excersised, read scriptures, went to work.

My church missionaries visited me on friday. WHICH IS AWESOME, i havent seen them in a long time. I dont think they are typically supposed to visit you after baptism but it is always great to see them…especially since i have begun to work sundays and have not been able to attend church (sadness) RIGHT AFTER I BOUGHT A NEW CHURCH DRESS TOO!!!!. Figures.

Apparently they switched again, the Elder who confirmed me is still there though along with two others, one of which has only been on his mission for 2 weeks….BREW HAHAHAAHA. I must now scour my scriptures and find things to test him on >:D

They are all fun, super nice guys.

However, my list HAS been on my mind, dont think that with all this excitement *rolls eyes* that I have forgotten it, despite my turtle pace.

ImagePLUS its been warm and sunny outside lately so i think it is almost the time to start on “Roller blading around mill lake park”. (Which is quite an athletic endeavor since i cant roller blade very well…even though i love it HAHA)

But now to the point of this blog


All my life i have NEVER EVER been interested in the opposite sex…or the same sex…or turtle sex while we are on the subject.

And to be honest I still have no real opinion on the matter.

I have never dated, never tried and probably only really been asked out once or twice in 23 years (one having been fairly recently, at the university)

How does this relate to my bucketlist? Well if you waited a minute i would tell you. Damn impatient readers…

It relates to the biggest, scariest and hardest item to mark off on my list. Being social/getting over social anxiety. Over the last couple months i have begun to think that maybe my lack of willingness to join in with the crowd is the contributing factor to my lack of interest.


In addition, at this time there was…how can I say this? Inspiration? Insane oblivious sexyness? Yes. Lets stick with the last one, somehow it is inappropriately accurate…although my friends have other equally inappropriate names for it but…I want to keep this PG 13 (and yes, they were shocked when i told them).

It could have been lust rather than love (according to google there is a difference), but it was super fun while it lasted and it is partly the reason for me creating this list and wanting to become a fuller, better person.

AND it made me google allot of stuff, which led me to this article and inspiration for this blog. Once you get past all the weird funky religious stuff and get right down to the core point on understanding peoples personality types when it comes to how they love, it is actually quite interesting.

I think I am a “Wall Flower” type, what about you?




Pft, Productivity is for Cthulhu’s

21 Mar


Life goal in ultimate lazy achievment. COMPLETE. Take that productive society!!!!

Oh…why hello their faithful viewers 😀 nice to see there are so many of you. I am sure you are wondering “what the cthulhu is this kid talking about?”



Well, as you know by now, I am in an upper level Photo 4 class at my university (Film, not digital) and one of the requirments for the year was to print a 30″x40″ mounted mural print. The very thought of having to buy that much photosensitive paper made me cry…along with the 8 hours it would have taken to develop that beast. ECK.

*Ahem* Moving on….

I did my usual routine got up at 6am (slept in an hour. i DESERVED IT), did my workout, showed, drank my tea, and read my scriptures (as part of bucketlist item one’s requirement 🙂 ) and went to my photo class.

Then I went home and decorated my cats grave some more. I THINK THIS IS COMPLETELY HEALTHY…..shutup internet.


Doesnt it look pretty?

Not much on the bucketlist happend unfortunately :/

But what I have been working on the most  is finding an opportunity to volunteer.

I would prefer if it was for a good cause, rather than just for a need for extra hands at a hockey event.

I did have something lined up with the epilepsy society but the EXACT day I was going to hand in my volunteer sheet my cat died and I fell into hopeless despair (which has now apparently turned into a hopeless obsession with garden aesthetics lol)

Maybe i will try the SPCA. 😀 I HAVE always wanted to do that, but I know that they demand allot more of you than just a weeks worth of good deeds. In fact, its something like a 3 month commitment, so perhaps in the summer if the positions dont fill up to fast. Any thoughts?

OH, I FORGOT. I did do some more bucketlist documenting last night, aka slightly worked on my painting of my church. But not enough that it would be a noticable difference for me to warrant posting a picture of it.

At the time I WAS attempting to do the homework that is due tomarrow….but instead sat for 4 hours in my studio, productively staring at a wall and then moved onto poking at my bucketlist painting for a good…5 minutes. BUT IT COUNTS!!!!

Which reminds me…I should get to my homework.

Off to stare at the walls some more! TTYL


Okay, Lets Start @ The Beginning

12 Mar

This blog is a little late.

Okay…maybe way more than a little. I started this project back on Feb 5th.

Indeed, I have successfully blogged my heart out before, and it’s not like it didn’t cross my mind to start writing my experience down at the beginning of the list. But to be honest, I never thought I would get anywhere with it. Procrastination is a bitch.

Anyways just a heads up, this will be a loooooong one. Sorry, my bad we are doing this one item at a time.

Baptism (Feb 4th-5th 2012)

Yes, that’s where it all started.

And ironically, it was not on the list before I

did it, but rather, after.

Or maybe it wasn’t all that ironic, maybe I was so full of the Holy Spirit at the time that I got inspired enough to do something with my unhappiness. Who knows? I was certainly filled with something anyways.

and just so you know getting to the point where I could actually get it was a journey of 12 years. YES. 12 BLOODY YEARS. Undoubtably I am a mighty princess forged in the heat of battle. The power. The passion.
The danger. My determination will change the world.
(If you get that, you sir, deserve a cookie).

Yes, it was a lot of work, and thank goodness I had some great (and persistent) missionaries to guide the way. (No, really. I’m TOTALLY stubborn and antisocial, I kinda feel bad for them. HA). Eventually I even began looking forward to their visits. (Again, good job guys. Good bloody job) It was a fun challenge trying to stump them with random things I found while reading the book of Mormon. Which, I am happy to say I continue to read everyday (even without the simply pleasure of finding useless tidbits of inconsequential information in order to stump those guys BREW HAHAHA)

Within the 12 years of trying I had taken the required religious lessons a total of 5 times, in my mind, I knew everything and at the time I wasn’t getting baptised to be saved or to improve my life (like I said this was Pre-Bucketlist). I was doing it because I thought I knew everything about my faith and more importantly, what it meant to me. I did not think it would change my view of the world and honestly, I took the “it’s no big deal, this will be a breeze” manifesto. But naturally, weeks before I  took the religious plunge (literally! HA) I was completely terrified. Allot of people thought it was undeniably odd how intensely stressed I was the month before. It had gotten to the point where a friend (more like a sister) of mine called me on my cell phone (which I don’t like to use because its pay as you go) and it took a 20-minute conversation to calm me down (aka $20). Yup, I was that frazzled  but THANK GOD FOR HER. She completely turned me straight and continues to support me and encourage me to look to my faith during times of conflict. So amazing.

Anyways, It is still super hard to believe that it finally happened, and even on the actual day I had my doubts. Something always ends up going wrong with me; it’s kind of like a well-known family curse that I inherited from my father-unit. Luckily this time it was just the baptismal font’s warm water that suffered from my inevitable birthright of bad luck. Which made for one hell of an icy dunk (I swear I saw icebergs), but at least it makes for an AMAAAAAAAZINGLY hilarious memory.

(In my opinion a funny story is always worth a few goose bumps.)

Both the missionaries were adorably nervous about their tasks for the whole event (one baptised me, one confirmed), silly boys, they did great and i am really thrilled that I had asked them to do the honors. 🙂

There were quite a few people who came too, which i was not expecting. I am not much for crowds so I was ATTEMPTING to keep it small and, at the time, really didn’t want anyone there XD HAHA (looking back i think my flight response kicked in and i spent 90% of my time hiding in a corner. OOPS, hope no one took offense D: I DIDNT MEAN TO).

I did not invite any family, with the current situation it would just had ended in screaming and I have no doubt that this was the right decision.

Everything worked out fantastic. All the missionaries (at least i think it was all, there are a few of them roaming around.) and even the kid who tagged along for a few of my lessons showed up which was super nice of him (despite me being inseparable from my hiding corner. I DIDNT MEAN TO. SORRYSORRY).

On Feb 5th (Twas a fasting Sunday, kinda cool) I was confirmed.

The missionary elder guy forgot my full name (it’s a long one) and sounded quite nervous but we of course did awesome 🙂 and trust me I sympathised….we had to go up in front of the entire congregation. (Me+Crowds=Nopenopenopenope.)

That night I felt AAAAAAMAZING. I don’t think I have ever felt that like that before…I can only describe it as the feeling you get when your falling down the biggest hill, on the tallest rollercoaster with your hands up off the safety bars and you would willingly fall forever. But even that is not even close to being accurate, and that feeling is only now starting to fade (its mid march, that was a long ride).

But it’s that sensation that made me realize that the daily sadness I trudged through was no way to live. A 23-year-old should not have so many regrets and wonderful opportunities that she missed because she was scared or thought she was not worth any kind of pleasure. So I sat down and I made a list.

Nothing Outlandish (Afterall, I’m not getting super powers anytime soon), just little things that I regret not having done, or activities I missed growing up due to self Doubt. And a few things I always say to people “Wow! That is such a nice gesture, I would do that too, if only I had the time.”

Well, NOW. NOW, I am making the time with my Doable-Bucketlist.

…Is that it? did i get it all?

I have done more as you can probably tell, but I think this is enough for this post.