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Okay, Lets Start @ The Beginning

12 Mar

This blog is a little late.

Okay…maybe way more than a little. I started this project back on Feb 5th.

Indeed, I have successfully blogged my heart out before, and it’s not like it didn’t cross my mind to start writing my experience down at the beginning of the list. But to be honest, I never thought I would get anywhere with it. Procrastination is a bitch.

Anyways just a heads up, this will be a loooooong one. Sorry, my bad we are doing this one item at a time.

Baptism (Feb 4th-5th 2012)

Yes, that’s where it all started.

And ironically, it was not on the list before I

did it, but rather, after.

Or maybe it wasn’t all that ironic, maybe I was so full of the Holy Spirit at the time that I got inspired enough to do something with my unhappiness. Who knows? I was certainly filled with something anyways.

and just so you know getting to the point where I could actually get it was a journey of 12 years. YES. 12 BLOODY YEARS. Undoubtably I am a mighty princess forged in the heat of battle. The power. The passion.
The danger. My determination will change the world.
(If you get that, you sir, deserve a cookie).

Yes, it was a lot of work, and thank goodness I had some great (and persistent) missionaries to guide the way. (No, really. I’m TOTALLY stubborn and antisocial, I kinda feel bad for them. HA). Eventually I even began looking forward to their visits. (Again, good job guys. Good bloody job) It was a fun challenge trying to stump them with random things I found while reading the book of Mormon. Which, I am happy to say I continue to read everyday (even without the simply pleasure of finding useless tidbits of inconsequential information in order to stump those guys BREW HAHAHA)

Within the 12 years of trying I had taken the required religious lessons a total of 5 times, in my mind, I knew everything and at the time I wasn’t getting baptised to be saved or to improve my life (like I said this was Pre-Bucketlist). I was doing it because I thought I knew everything about my faith and more importantly, what it meant to me. I did not think it would change my view of the world and honestly, I took the “it’s no big deal, this will be a breeze” manifesto. But naturally, weeks before I  took the religious plunge (literally! HA) I was completely terrified. Allot of people thought it was undeniably odd how intensely stressed I was the month before. It had gotten to the point where a friend (more like a sister) of mine called me on my cell phone (which I don’t like to use because its pay as you go) and it took a 20-minute conversation to calm me down (aka $20). Yup, I was that frazzled  but THANK GOD FOR HER. She completely turned me straight and continues to support me and encourage me to look to my faith during times of conflict. So amazing.

Anyways, It is still super hard to believe that it finally happened, and even on the actual day I had my doubts. Something always ends up going wrong with me; it’s kind of like a well-known family curse that I inherited from my father-unit. Luckily this time it was just the baptismal font’s warm water that suffered from my inevitable birthright of bad luck. Which made for one hell of an icy dunk (I swear I saw icebergs), but at least it makes for an AMAAAAAAAZINGLY hilarious memory.

(In my opinion a funny story is always worth a few goose bumps.)

Both the missionaries were adorably nervous about their tasks for the whole event (one baptised me, one confirmed), silly boys, they did great and i am really thrilled that I had asked them to do the honors. 🙂

There were quite a few people who came too, which i was not expecting. I am not much for crowds so I was ATTEMPTING to keep it small and, at the time, really didn’t want anyone there XD HAHA (looking back i think my flight response kicked in and i spent 90% of my time hiding in a corner. OOPS, hope no one took offense D: I DIDNT MEAN TO).

I did not invite any family, with the current situation it would just had ended in screaming and I have no doubt that this was the right decision.

Everything worked out fantastic. All the missionaries (at least i think it was all, there are a few of them roaming around.) and even the kid who tagged along for a few of my lessons showed up which was super nice of him (despite me being inseparable from my hiding corner. I DIDNT MEAN TO. SORRYSORRY).

On Feb 5th (Twas a fasting Sunday, kinda cool) I was confirmed.

The missionary elder guy forgot my full name (it’s a long one) and sounded quite nervous but we of course did awesome 🙂 and trust me I sympathised….we had to go up in front of the entire congregation. (Me+Crowds=Nopenopenopenope.)

That night I felt AAAAAAMAZING. I don’t think I have ever felt that like that before…I can only describe it as the feeling you get when your falling down the biggest hill, on the tallest rollercoaster with your hands up off the safety bars and you would willingly fall forever. But even that is not even close to being accurate, and that feeling is only now starting to fade (its mid march, that was a long ride).

But it’s that sensation that made me realize that the daily sadness I trudged through was no way to live. A 23-year-old should not have so many regrets and wonderful opportunities that she missed because she was scared or thought she was not worth any kind of pleasure. So I sat down and I made a list.

Nothing Outlandish (Afterall, I’m not getting super powers anytime soon), just little things that I regret not having done, or activities I missed growing up due to self Doubt. And a few things I always say to people “Wow! That is such a nice gesture, I would do that too, if only I had the time.”

Well, NOW. NOW, I am making the time with my Doable-Bucketlist.

…Is that it? did i get it all?

I have done more as you can probably tell, but I think this is enough for this post.