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3 Lives in 3 Hours

15 Mar

Hello my lovelies!

Today I got up at 8am, worked out for 20 minutes, showered, drank some tea, read one and a half chapters from my scriptures (I usually read 2 but I couldn’t focus, this is part of being baptised. It’s an ongoing thing) and went to my painting 4 class. I am so glad it was a proposal day and that my proposal for our final project went well. i don’t think i could have gotten much more done with my mind still in a horrible fog from the loss of my precious kitty :’C

But it was an interesting day none the less and very inspiring. I learned allot about our inner desires and the conflicts we face as individuals. The bits of life that make us who we are in our own minds and the things we don’t share with others or, in some cases the things that we don’t know how to properly share with others. I may do a painting on this in the summer if I remember.

Anyways, let’s get to it! The next and final thing I completed on the list thus far

Donating Blood

First off I should let you know exactly why donating blood is on the list.

I could tell you that it was because of my mother, who was sick all my life and relied heavily on the generosity of donors.

Buuuuuut that would be a lie. Honestly, a large part of me starting the bucketlist at all was because i was tired of saying “if I had the time” or “that’s a great idea” and doing nothing after the fact. I really did think donating blood was a good idea, yet i never did anything about it before. That to me, is stupid and hypocritical and it needed to change.

So I made an appointment. I t was really easy 🙂 you have the choice of either calling in, or filling out some information online and it all only took a few minutes on

They even give you the option of receiving either an email reminder or phone call before your appointment and there are maps and locations in your area listed on the website for you to choose from. Very very helpful 🙂 Heres what my confirmation looked like:

So I wrote it on my calendar and waited and did my best to get a group of friends to go with me. Which is always a good idea if you are getting blood taken, you don’t want to have to drive (or in my case, bus) yourself home just incase you react badly in some way.

Unfortunately when the day finally came, only one of my bff’s could make it. But it was awesome and fun none the less. Looking back, it was an awesome and special thing we got to do together 🙂 and i am glad she came along for support.

After we entered the building a woman signed me in (made sure i had the appointment etc), gave me a number and some information to read on what to do in case you felt sick etc. Then had me sit in a chair where I waited for about an hour. My friend kept me preoccupied with internet jokes and kittens. Then when they finally called me (and this was the worst part) they took my information, typed it into the computer…AND PRICKED MY FINGER. You wouldn’t think this was the worst part now would you? Well IT WAS. THAT THING THROBBED FOR DAYS. (this is also where they gave me my “First time” Sticker. EPIC.)

I know they did it to test my iron levels (can’t give if you have low iron) but DAMN. Really. It HURT.

Once that was done and i got the good to go for Iron levels. The nice lady gave me a questionnaire to fill out and a name card. My friend and I then went over to a private desk and I had to go down a list of health questions…one of which was amazingly about whether or not i have been in contact with monkeys. Once you fill out that form you take your card, place it in a box and sit down until your card gets pulled (they are all in order, don’t worry, no budging)

It FELT like this section of waiting took the longest…as we were moving closer and closer to the stations where they draw blood….well, that is until i noticed the tables that came after that…which were full of delicious cookies and juice…but more importantly…cookies.

After another hour of waiting (it was pretty busy there) I was called into a private little cubicle where they take your questionnaire and ask you even more questions…mostly about mexico and STD’s (YEAH VIRGIN PRIDE).

By the time i got done with that, there was no one in any of the blood drawing section (lucky me), so i got to choose which arm i wanted them to take from 😀 (which is awesome when you’re a right-handed artist with school the next day. So i chose left)
They stuck me like a pin cushion, had me squeeze this little ball (I refused to look) while my friend and I talked about boys and Nikki Minaj and other stuff.

Whalaa! Ten minutes later I was done and being carefully led to the cookie table where a nurse FORCED me to eat more cookies than i have eaten in years (due to my glucose intolerance, but I didn’t argue 😉 HAHA). I got a lovely pin for my good deed and I cherish it very much!

Before we left they thanked me for saving the lives of three people with my donation *insert warm fuzzy emote of happy here*

I am SOOOOO proud I did it and honestly can’t wait the alloted period to do it again!!! Hopefully with more people doing it with me 🙂

My plan HAD been to write about this topic  yesterday but was unable to do so due to my circumstances….However, it is a good thing I didn’t! Ironically right after I had pushed the “Publish” button over in the side bar for my last entry I got a call from the blood bank. Honestly, when I saw the number on my caller I.D. it freaked me out, I assumed that you only got the call if they found something wrong with your blood. Apparently not. I got some amazing news that they could not wait to share with me 🙂 I AM A RARE BLOOD TYPE. I am so excited that I have the chance to save more lives, pretty much anyone with a + blood type can benefit from my own. This does mean that if i ever need a transfusion or anything that I am pretty much screwed because i am only compatible with “O+ and O” blood but, kay sera sera. As long as I can help someone else, I am thrilled, no matter what. YAYZ.

Tomarrow, I will talk and explain my “on-going” Bucketlist projects and hopefully if you all like them, I will draw some more cartoons 🙂

Love Peace Chicken Grease



Sleep Tight Furry Lover

14 Mar

          So last night after i wrote my blog (March 13, 2012 at 10:30pm) I watched my beautiful 20 year old manx kitty as her breathing slowed. I was petting her soft fuzzy fur as she gasped and passed away out of my life forever. I had to ask over 100 times for my dad to make sure she had died. “Are you sure shes dead?” he was surprisingly patient about it. Usually, we are not patient people and fight constantly.

I am devastated but so thankful i was able to grow old with such an amazing little spirit. She literally saved my life on more than one occassion when i was young and ready to end it all and when my mother passed away and she seemed to willingly take the role as my mama kitty. Which is still how i see her, it is literally like losing a parent all over again.

I surprisingly slept well last night and dreamed that she was irritatingly scratching at my keyboard until i woke up and saw that she was not there. Having cried so much at the time she left us, i thought i had run out of tears until this morning as the shock hit me again and a fresh wave of tears welled up.

If you have never had a pet you probably think i am being ridiculous.

But having Pickles literally made me who i am today and i know life wont be the same. Will i ever have another cat? Not any time soon. But if i do, they will absolutely be an adopted adult or senior in age. (the least likely to be adopted).

Needless to say i have been binging all afternoon. Which, if you know me is a huuuuuge mistake as i am sugar/wheat/glucose intolerent….at this moment, i am so stiff and swollen i can barely type.

Having indulged in 1 large box of truffles, 2 egg white omlettes, 1 bowl of veggie ramen (i wish they would make a spicy variety for vegatareans 😦 ) and 17 cups of hot chocolate. AND YES. IT HAD TINY MARSHMELLOWS….and yes…I picked out as many marshmellows from the jar as I could (like a boss) so my cup would have more than its fair share.

I didnt even go to school today. I just couldnt.

I dont think i have missed a class of any kind in 4 or more years. Even when i have a hospital worthy fever, or the time i split open my hand (13 stitches) and still went and did my plaster project.

That alone is a testament to my sorrow.

Last night i was smart enough to know to hide away all her toys (so many) as it is to soon for me to be reminded of her.

Due to the snow fall here today i am unsure if we can bury her this evening as planned :C will the ground be to frozen? I dont know. I hope not. When my dad told me he put her (in a fancy box) in the garage until the funeral all i could say to myself, alone in the house was “my babies in the garage….my babies in the GARAGE.

My friends are amazing. I am so stunned and touched by how many people have sent their thoughts out to me and by my friend from class who noticed my absence.

Thank you everyone for being so kind even if you may be one of those people who dont understand the tragedy of the loss of a pet.

And to those who have always said as Pickles health declined over the years “we are here for you when she goes” and I would answer “despite her deafness, her arthritis and her inabilitie to eat solids, i refuse to believe she would ever leave me.”
Thank you for trying to force me into reality in preperation none the less. I know. I am a damn stubborn person.

Now, I am off to binge on some more mini marshmellows.

I will try to make it to my class tomarrow despite the stiffness and inability to bend my knees in the morning due to eating all this crap.



P.S. I will continue filling you in on the bucketlist on another blog. TTFN..


Pineapples, Kitties and Tea OH MY.

13 Mar

I had a dream last night that my friend Dan and I were dancing at a pineapple celebration, worshipping the almighty powers of the pineapple. What do you think THAT means?

Today I slept until 12:30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING. The last month i haven’t had a day where i could sleep past 5am. The reason why i am able to sleep in so awesomely late today is because i volunteered to stay home and watch my Cat. She had a stroke the other day :C I am really scared for her but at the same time, she IS 20 years old and already suffers greatly from arthritis and is completely deaf. She has gotten me through ALLOT of hard times in my life (bless her little furry heart) and i love her more than anything but at the same time the only thing i want for her is to peacefully fall asleep and not wake up. Rather than any other kind of horrible alternative. At the moment she walks lopsided because her right half is paralyzed and i cant get her to eat/drink anything :C Dad always has better luck with that kind of thing it seems. Nope, she doesn’t have much longer, which is why i am sitting here writing this entry next to her, keeping a close and loving eye.

Now, where are we?

That’s right! The next part of the bucket list. (pre completed)

Give up Coffee, Green, Black, Red, Yellow, White and Oolong Teas.

I proudly admit that on an average work week i could easily down two or more pots of super strong black coffee and still be seen buying a diet coke.

However, despite my obvious love affair with the black….beautiful, magical….awe inspiring….brew, I had no problems giving it up.

I simply put away my single cup machine, hid away the Maxwell and wallah! It was done and I haven’t had a sip since. The tea’s were a little harder but only because I had no idea how many types of tea existed that were considered red/green/black/yellow/white/oolong etc etc etc. Your probably wondering why I chose to give up these London staples of life.

Well to be honest it goes hand in hand with the first bucket list item i completed. Which was to get baptised.

In my church we stand by the principle that “Your body is a temple” so take care of it. Which includes not ingesting anything may can be considered harmful. There are the obvious things like alcohol and drugs. But allot of people don’t know that Coffee and non herbal teas contain a powerful chemical that is actually classified as a poison. Which is why Coffee is known as an excellent laxative, your body is trying to expel the evil. HA. Don’t I paint a lovely image? 😉

Anyways, I haven’t been much of a tea drinker in years but when i was it was green all the way baby! So I soon found out that i would have to go shopping or give up one of the few pleasures i truely enjoy in my life, which is to wake up with a boiling hot beverage. (and I mean BOILING. i like it hotter than hell)

Thanks to google and my own mall rat obsession I was able to find something in my price range, that i am loving (for the moment anyways)


And i have been drinking it every since 🙂 sometimes i even bring it to class with me…although, i have learned this may not be the best idea. Apparently Hot liquid in the morning keeps this artist awake…but any time after….ZzZzZz. LOL. Whoops.

Well, thats about it for this entry, sorry for the shortness. I have a goal for myself to complete and post a blog every night before Midnight. This way it is still relevant to the day I wrote it,  I put todays off for quite awhile due to my Kitty issues. Sorry. Haha!

XoXoXo As always


Okay, Lets Start @ The Beginning

12 Mar

This blog is a little late.

Okay…maybe way more than a little. I started this project back on Feb 5th.

Indeed, I have successfully blogged my heart out before, and it’s not like it didn’t cross my mind to start writing my experience down at the beginning of the list. But to be honest, I never thought I would get anywhere with it. Procrastination is a bitch.

Anyways just a heads up, this will be a loooooong one. Sorry, my bad we are doing this one item at a time.

Baptism (Feb 4th-5th 2012)

Yes, that’s where it all started.

And ironically, it was not on the list before I

did it, but rather, after.

Or maybe it wasn’t all that ironic, maybe I was so full of the Holy Spirit at the time that I got inspired enough to do something with my unhappiness. Who knows? I was certainly filled with something anyways.

and just so you know getting to the point where I could actually get it was a journey of 12 years. YES. 12 BLOODY YEARS. Undoubtably I am a mighty princess forged in the heat of battle. The power. The passion.
The danger. My determination will change the world.
(If you get that, you sir, deserve a cookie).

Yes, it was a lot of work, and thank goodness I had some great (and persistent) missionaries to guide the way. (No, really. I’m TOTALLY stubborn and antisocial, I kinda feel bad for them. HA). Eventually I even began looking forward to their visits. (Again, good job guys. Good bloody job) It was a fun challenge trying to stump them with random things I found while reading the book of Mormon. Which, I am happy to say I continue to read everyday (even without the simply pleasure of finding useless tidbits of inconsequential information in order to stump those guys BREW HAHAHA)

Within the 12 years of trying I had taken the required religious lessons a total of 5 times, in my mind, I knew everything and at the time I wasn’t getting baptised to be saved or to improve my life (like I said this was Pre-Bucketlist). I was doing it because I thought I knew everything about my faith and more importantly, what it meant to me. I did not think it would change my view of the world and honestly, I took the “it’s no big deal, this will be a breeze” manifesto. But naturally, weeks before I  took the religious plunge (literally! HA) I was completely terrified. Allot of people thought it was undeniably odd how intensely stressed I was the month before. It had gotten to the point where a friend (more like a sister) of mine called me on my cell phone (which I don’t like to use because its pay as you go) and it took a 20-minute conversation to calm me down (aka $20). Yup, I was that frazzled  but THANK GOD FOR HER. She completely turned me straight and continues to support me and encourage me to look to my faith during times of conflict. So amazing.

Anyways, It is still super hard to believe that it finally happened, and even on the actual day I had my doubts. Something always ends up going wrong with me; it’s kind of like a well-known family curse that I inherited from my father-unit. Luckily this time it was just the baptismal font’s warm water that suffered from my inevitable birthright of bad luck. Which made for one hell of an icy dunk (I swear I saw icebergs), but at least it makes for an AMAAAAAAAZINGLY hilarious memory.

(In my opinion a funny story is always worth a few goose bumps.)

Both the missionaries were adorably nervous about their tasks for the whole event (one baptised me, one confirmed), silly boys, they did great and i am really thrilled that I had asked them to do the honors. 🙂

There were quite a few people who came too, which i was not expecting. I am not much for crowds so I was ATTEMPTING to keep it small and, at the time, really didn’t want anyone there XD HAHA (looking back i think my flight response kicked in and i spent 90% of my time hiding in a corner. OOPS, hope no one took offense D: I DIDNT MEAN TO).

I did not invite any family, with the current situation it would just had ended in screaming and I have no doubt that this was the right decision.

Everything worked out fantastic. All the missionaries (at least i think it was all, there are a few of them roaming around.) and even the kid who tagged along for a few of my lessons showed up which was super nice of him (despite me being inseparable from my hiding corner. I DIDNT MEAN TO. SORRYSORRY).

On Feb 5th (Twas a fasting Sunday, kinda cool) I was confirmed.

The missionary elder guy forgot my full name (it’s a long one) and sounded quite nervous but we of course did awesome 🙂 and trust me I sympathised….we had to go up in front of the entire congregation. (Me+Crowds=Nopenopenopenope.)

That night I felt AAAAAAMAZING. I don’t think I have ever felt that like that before…I can only describe it as the feeling you get when your falling down the biggest hill, on the tallest rollercoaster with your hands up off the safety bars and you would willingly fall forever. But even that is not even close to being accurate, and that feeling is only now starting to fade (its mid march, that was a long ride).

But it’s that sensation that made me realize that the daily sadness I trudged through was no way to live. A 23-year-old should not have so many regrets and wonderful opportunities that she missed because she was scared or thought she was not worth any kind of pleasure. So I sat down and I made a list.

Nothing Outlandish (Afterall, I’m not getting super powers anytime soon), just little things that I regret not having done, or activities I missed growing up due to self Doubt. And a few things I always say to people “Wow! That is such a nice gesture, I would do that too, if only I had the time.”

Well, NOW. NOW, I am making the time with my Doable-Bucketlist.

…Is that it? did i get it all?

I have done more as you can probably tell, but I think this is enough for this post.



Hello Internet!

10 Mar

Hello internet!
Many of you know me under a different username on sites like deviantart, sheezy, youtube and etc. However I am hoping, trying and praying to make a fresh start (things got a little overwhelming).

Which is how my journey began.
The goal? To live while i am young.
To not feel restrained by regrets of a wasted youth and past tragedy.
But to do it in a way that is “Doable” and worth doing.
Welcome to my Doable Bucketlist.