Kiss My Skates Michelle Kwan.

20 Mar

The hardest part about writing blogs is writing the title. You always want to call it something that brings to light what will be discussed and yet you dont want to make it so obvious that no one really needs to read it in order for you to get your point across. At times it can be very frustrating.

I am sorry this blog is a little late, but it was a busy day on the 19th! Which, is awesome because I have more interesting things to write about! HUZZAH.

I got up at 8am and went to school to work on some photo four 18×20 prints and to be honest, I was feeling super depressed. I was missing people (a certain hunky people who does not know I exist), was just plain lonely, my photos for my two final projects are NOT working out and I dont have the money to buy the 4×5 film to redo them. But above it all, I am still severley missing my cat :C (I KNOW. I am forever a sad cat lady)

Not to mention I have some work worries in my present and my future. *Le Sigh*

So when i had finally given up on my photography after spending about 6 hours locked up in the dark room, I made my way to the grocery store and bought a punch of mozerella cheese strings to pitty binge on.

AND NATURALLY I chose to text share this with my bff. (Because thats just what you do when you are about to cheese binge and your a female)


Alright boys and girls, whats black and white and requires me to be social?

Ill give you a minute to come up with an answer :3….




A LIE TO GET ME TO GO AND LET HER PAY. (I have an issue with being uberly frugal, but i didnt feel to bad, considering a couple of my friends won a TON of money gambling recenlty…grrrr jealous)

So, I finished my shopping (cheese included) and even bought a 99 cent flower for my kitties grave, which made me feel a little better oddly enough….does this make me weird? XD HA. Probably.

Then I headed home and waited for them to come pick me up.

They were late, as usual so I nommed down hard on some mozzarella ;D until they came and we headed down to the local wave pool.

It was allot of fun! I have been wanting to go skating for a really long time. The last time i was there I was in Brownies LOL. I thought I would catch on right away because I am a huge roller blader (though, not a good one, but i consider myself decent…in a cautious kind of way HAHA)

NOPENOPENOPE It is NOTHING like rollerblading. In fact, about the only thing I could actually do was make little circles….and when I say LITTLE I mean, literally, me spinning in place. LOL

However, It was a decent workout, I have had better of course but any workout is better than none 😀 and i did learn what a tremendous skater my Friend/Friends Boyfriend is 0-o

ALTHOUGH, he could have been a little less show offy….that troll.


After awhile my bad knee started to give out so I had to slow down and take a break now and then, but I was determined to skate for as long and as much as possible in order to get the most out of the experience 🙂

My knee has actually been really good the last couple of years so both me and my BFF were surprised it was being unruley.

After skating we all agreed that perhaps we were being to healthy and decided to renew our lost calories by having a taste-gasmic dinner at the old spaghetti factory 😉

My newly rich friend was AWESOME enough to pay and fun was had by all. I got the ImageManicotti…always a fave…why they insist on garnishing it with parsely…I will never know.

By 9:30 we were full and had filled out a comment card on the awesome sexiness of our server Ryan (total stranger) and headed to their house aka our clubhouse to pet their new kittens!

To my surprise, more than one of their cats had a litter XD HAHA. They must have over ten furries running around that house! PLUS CHICKENS OUT BACK.

Unfortunately I was wearing my black jeans….never a good idea in a house where the air is thick with white fur.

They literally float around in tufts. LOL

And with that my good friends I bid you ado. It is 4am now and when i got home from all this adventure…I made the mistake of pigging out on more hot chocolate. (Yes, I think i have a problem) Since my stomach doesnt digest junk very well, this was not the greatest idea I have ever had (especially since it doesnt handle pasta or cheese very well either LOL)





P.S. Hello to all my new watchers! I hope you enjoyed reading my humble blog. 😀 thanks for being awesome and supporting my project! It helps allot to inspire me 🙂


3 Responses to “Kiss My Skates Michelle Kwan.”

  1. elliebloo March 20, 2012 at 6:31 am #

    I loved reading your blog. You made me smile more than once. I hope your photos work out, you know we are our toughest critics 🙂 stay happy!

    • thehappylittleartist March 20, 2012 at 12:30 pm #

      wow thanks 😀 just knowing it makes someone smile makes it worth it….no matter what i think of my own writing. HAHA ;D

      • elliebloo March 20, 2012 at 12:32 pm #

        well your writing is very good.

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