The Two Step Plunge?

18 Mar

Well, I got up on time but unfortunately…the parental unity made the unwise decision to bound into my room consistently to tell me things I didnt give a shit about.

So through all that I got MAYBE an hour of sleep. FUUUU.

I still did my usual morning routine. I am an awesome stickler for routine.

It seems like I cant catch a break lately and to be honest I am not feeling overly inspired to do much of my bucketlisting at the moment.

WHICH IS HORRIBLE, mostly because i can see myself following into a rut of procrastination and never doing anything with it again D:


I need to choose something to work on, any thoughts out there? (Cheaper options would be nice LOL)

A friend of my let me know about an opportunity to learn swing dancing at my university, it wasnt the kind of dancing i was thinking about but it has to count for something right?

The dancing thing stems from the fact that while i was growing up i wasnt allowed to leave the house…at all.

SO I never had the opportunity to go to any school dances and it always kind of saddened me :C

But I feel as though I am to shy to actually go out and socialize in a large unknown group of people as of yet. Maybe I just need to suck it up and take the plunge?

Or…ya know…I could avoid the world all together and work on a comic strip in between my horrible homework load…LOL…

Sorry for the short post 🙂 i will try to draw a cartoon tomarrow to make u for it 😉

Forever Your Friend Who Needs a Door That Locks



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