The Hills Are Alive With The Sounds Of…Rihanna?

17 Mar

My alarm didnt go off this morning! LUCKILY, I some how managed to wake up 2 hours before i had to leave for work and managed to do my work out, caffinate and read my scriptures (only a chapter though).

Things are not looking to good on the job front. But I wont give up! This is my dream job, I love to help and associate with artists and do my best to help the community while doing it. I get so many amazing opportunities and wonderful experiences through this, even if I do have to scrub toilet. HAHA. It can be really hard and unorganized at times, but thats part of the charm, problem solving on the spot is a unique challenge I seem to thrive in. Plus, I get to train a grade 12 student for her work experience. WHAT A SWEET HEART. Never complains, works hard…has caught on to my stupidity and addiction to caffeine easily…HAHAHA. That takes skill.

Anyways, I am sure you are not here to read about my day, so ONTO THE LIST.

Ongoing: “Commercial Fall Through” and “Music”


As you can see, there have been some changes due to some recent unpleasant issues. (I just cant catch a break recently, now can I? XD)

I have removed “Be in a commercial“. The reason being that the opportunity fell through. I cant say much more than that unfortunately.

But I have replaced it with a couple of dandy alternatives (I am trying to make “dandy” cool again. is it working?) which are to to attend the “Naughty but Nice” taboo show at our local tradex (and laugh at all the tight ass picketers HAHAHAHA) and also go and see/feed the birds at the local Aviary. It was suggested to me at work today and sounds like allot of fun…so long as I dont get stabbed to death by an unusually sharp beak…


With that bit of set back out of the way. Lets talk music!

As a child, my parental father figure shipped me off every summer to my parents up in the mountains and every time they would force me kicking and screaming to attend a proffessional musical summer school.

I HATED IT. I had liked music fine before attending but the competitive mothers and their satan spawned offspring completely ruined it for me. Since then I have been on this life long grudge against music and anything musical.

Which is to bad because I was supposedly, a super good singer when I was younger and even had an offer to be taught privately by one of the instructors but naturally by the time I was old enough to choose, I refused.

They taught a little of everything there, I was great with the singing, was a complete ham with the theatre, just followed along with the dancing, but when it came to instruments…well…let just say within the 7 years i attended….I took beginner keyboard 7 times. πŸ˜‰ (I am quite proud of that inability)

Long story short, since then, when i had my ipod on…it was to listen to the news.

SO, I finally decided that holding a grudge this long had to be unhealthy so I have been trying my best to listen to a little music everyday, usually when i am changing in the morning (deciding what to wear is a long and tedious process you know which requires background music, for posing purposed.)

So far I have found, Owl City, Rihanna and Adele are to my liking.


Feel free to toss them over in the comments below (WARNING: Rap will be severely mocked)



DJ TheHappyLittleArtist.

Word to yo mama.


4 Responses to “The Hills Are Alive With The Sounds Of…Rihanna?”

  1. houseofballoons13 March 17, 2012 at 7:14 pm #

    Jay Sean-The Mistress mixtape.
    The Weeknd.
    They’re amazing

    • thehappylittleartist March 17, 2012 at 7:56 pm #

      hey thanks allot! its unbelievabley hard to get any music suggestions from people i know XD

      The Weeknd’s not bad πŸ™‚ I think i like their the birds (part1) and rolling stone the best so far.

      AND JAY SEAN!? HOW DO I NOT KNOW THIS ARTIST? Do you remember is pure eargasm.
      I praise your awesome good sir and tip my hat to your musical knowledge

      • houseofballoons13 March 18, 2012 at 1:52 am #

        The Weeknd is more underground music and Jay Sean just made it main stream. The Birds Part 1 is just something on a different level.
        I’ll let you know of any other good songs that I hear:)

      • thehappylittleartist March 18, 2012 at 5:56 pm #

        hey that would be great! thanks so much πŸ™‚

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