Pineapples, Kitties and Tea OH MY.

13 Mar

I had a dream last night that my friend Dan and I were dancing at a pineapple celebration, worshipping the almighty powers of the pineapple. What do you think THAT means?

Today I slept until 12:30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING. The last month i haven’t had a day where i could sleep past 5am. The reason why i am able to sleep in so awesomely late today is because i volunteered to stay home and watch my Cat. She had a stroke the other day :C I am really scared for her but at the same time, she IS 20 years old and already suffers greatly from arthritis and is completely deaf. She has gotten me through ALLOT of hard times in my life (bless her little furry heart) and i love her more than anything but at the same time the only thing i want for her is to peacefully fall asleep and not wake up. Rather than any other kind of horrible alternative. At the moment she walks lopsided because her right half is paralyzed and i cant get her to eat/drink anything :C Dad always has better luck with that kind of thing it seems. Nope, she doesn’t have much longer, which is why i am sitting here writing this entry next to her, keeping a close and loving eye.

Now, where are we?

That’s right! The next part of the bucket list. (pre completed)

Give up Coffee, Green, Black, Red, Yellow, White and Oolong Teas.

I proudly admit that on an average work week i could easily down two or more pots of super strong black coffee and still be seen buying a diet coke.

However, despite my obvious love affair with the black….beautiful, magical….awe inspiring….brew, I had no problems giving it up.

I simply put away my single cup machine, hid away the Maxwell and wallah! It was done and I haven’t had a sip since. The tea’s were a little harder but only because I had no idea how many types of tea existed that were considered red/green/black/yellow/white/oolong etc etc etc. Your probably wondering why I chose to give up these London staples of life.

Well to be honest it goes hand in hand with the first bucket list item i completed. Which was to get baptised.

In my church we stand by the principle that “Your body is a temple” so take care of it. Which includes not ingesting anything may can be considered harmful. There are the obvious things like alcohol and drugs. But allot of people don’t know that Coffee and non herbal teas contain a powerful chemical that is actually classified as a poison. Which is why Coffee is known as an excellent laxative, your body is trying to expel the evil. HA. Don’t I paint a lovely image? 😉

Anyways, I haven’t been much of a tea drinker in years but when i was it was green all the way baby! So I soon found out that i would have to go shopping or give up one of the few pleasures i truely enjoy in my life, which is to wake up with a boiling hot beverage. (and I mean BOILING. i like it hotter than hell)

Thanks to google and my own mall rat obsession I was able to find something in my price range, that i am loving (for the moment anyways)


And i have been drinking it every since 🙂 sometimes i even bring it to class with me…although, i have learned this may not be the best idea. Apparently Hot liquid in the morning keeps this artist awake…but any time after….ZzZzZz. LOL. Whoops.

Well, thats about it for this entry, sorry for the shortness. I have a goal for myself to complete and post a blog every night before Midnight. This way it is still relevant to the day I wrote it,  I put todays off for quite awhile due to my Kitty issues. Sorry. Haha!

XoXoXo As always



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