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I Will Feed Your Pet Vampire and All I Ask In Return is a Cookie! Sweet Deal.

30 Mar

Hello fellow addicts of the reading about the pointless lives of individuals eons away (aka the internet)!!!!

I think i have a cocoa addiction…(to be fair I AM female ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) because this hot chocolate phase is getting a little ridiculous…and may i add, fattening.

Where has time been disappearing to lately??? Already the date in which i can sign up for my next semester of classes has arrived and boy am I BEHIND!!!! So many choices, so little money.

I was in such a rush to get off to the bank today that I poured my usual Tea but then accidentally abandoned it…and i think i am finally getting sick of having mint EVERY day. Which is strange because as you know by now i am a distinct creature of habit. I may need to investigate another mormon friendly alternative, suggestions are always more than welcome.

HUZZAH! FINALLY I have begun working on another bucketlist item and I owe it all to you! my Bloggy readers! Because without you, there would be no guilt about having absolutely nothing to write about besides “Today I got up at 5am…again and pigged out on chocolate nommyness…P.S. I now weigh 200 pounds, SEXEH”.


I have Begun the epic tale of “OMG: Quails and Ants” the comic book.

I was able to complete page one just last night and IT TOOK ME 4 DAYS TO COMPLETE.

Each Cell (aka drawing, square, panel thingy) takes me about 4-7 hours depending on how detailed it is.

Luckily i am somewaht cheating and using the 70-something page comic book I wrote when i was in highschool, so the storyline is already there and so are most of the poses. HUGE TIME SAVER I TELLZ YA.

Now I know you are all probably thinking, “shouldnt you be honoring the Bucketlist by starting something from scratch?”.

NO. SCREW YOU, there is not enough time in the day for me to write out an entire storyline when all my awesomeness is being sucked out of me from school. LOL

Also, inking this comic and reworking it has been on my significant to-do list for a really long time, it is one of the many reasons why all i wanted from my parental unit for my bday last year was a scanner :D. WHICH I GOT.

So! without further ado, here is page one. Be warned, it is not a comic “strip” style comic. But rather an on-goinh storyline style comic. So without many more pages it may not be as interesting as it should be. I will get on page 2 asap ๐Ÿ˜€ ENJOY.

In other news! I GOT MY BLOOD DONOR CARD TODAY. *Hops around excitedly*

This will make things SOOOOOOO much easier when I go to donate blood again at the beginning of May ๐Ÿ˜€ *Flash’s card like a pro*

I am hoping i can rope more people to go with me again ๐Ÿ™‚

Unfortunately not many of the people I know can actually donate due to medical reasons :C BUT I SHALL GIVE ENOUGH FOR ALL OF US. After all…I AM O+ย ย Yup! I sure am badass. I was very impressed with the nice little package the canadian blood donor people sent me. Had my caard and a little bit of information about my blood type. For future reference the card looks a little something like this: (Image was pulled off of google, so name and number etc are naturally different) ย 

if you are interested in donating at all, I really suggest you that you just go for it! you have nothing to lose really and it is a great experience (and free cookies!).

I am still also looking into volunteering, but to be honest I havent had the best mind set lately to do much of anything. Honestly, I am a little afraid that I may be falling back into some bad emotional habits.

Only time will tell I suppose.

Off to watch some very disturbing episodes of “My Strange Addiction”:

Your eternal Vampire Feeder



I Make Slowness Look DAMN Monocle-y!

25 Mar

My sincerest apologies for the not writing the past couple days but honestly..I havent been doing much of anything but working XD HAHA so i did not feel the need to update my progress on my doable bucketlist seeing as how…there has not been any. LOL

My days have been the same, got up at 5am, excersised, read scriptures, went to work.

My church missionaries visited me on friday. WHICH IS AWESOME, i havent seen them in a long time. I dont think they are typically supposed to visit you after baptism but it is always great to see them…especially since i have begun to work sundays and have not been able to attend church (sadness) RIGHT AFTER I BOUGHT A NEW CHURCH DRESS TOO!!!!. Figures.

Apparently they switched again, the Elder who confirmed me is still there though along with two others, one of which has only been on his mission for 2 weeks….BREW HAHAHAAHA. I must now scour my scriptures and find things to test him on >:D

They are all fun, super nice guys.

However, my list HAS been on my mind, dont think that with all this excitement *rolls eyes* that I have forgotten it, despite my turtle pace.

ImagePLUS its been warm and sunny outside lately so i think it is almost the time to start on “Roller blading around mill lake park”. (Which is quite an athletic endeavor since i cant roller blade very well…even though i love it HAHA)

But now to the point of this blog


All my life i have NEVER EVER been interested in the opposite sex…or the same sex…or turtle sex while we are on the subject.

And to be honest I still have no real opinion on the matter.

I have never dated, never tried and probably only really been asked out once or twice in 23 years (one having been fairly recently, at the university)

How does this relate to my bucketlist? Well if you waited a minute i would tell you. Damn impatient readers…

It relates to the biggest, scariest and hardest item to mark off on my list. Being social/getting over social anxiety. Over the last couple months i have begun to think that maybe my lack of willingness to join in with the crowd is the contributing factor to my lack of interest.


In addition, at this time there was…how can I say this? Inspiration? Insane oblivious sexyness? Yes. Lets stick with the last one, somehow it is inappropriately accurate…although my friends have other equally inappropriate names for it but…I want to keep this PG 13 (and yes, they were shocked when i told them).

It could have been lust rather than love (according to google there is a difference), but it was super fun while it lasted and it is partly the reason for me creating this list and wanting to become a fuller, better person.

AND it made me google allot of stuff, which led me to this article and inspiration for this blog. Once you get past all the weird funky religious stuff and get right down to the core point on understanding peoples personality types when it comes to how they love, it is actually quite interesting.

I think I am a “Wall Flower” type, what about you?




Pft, Productivity is for Cthulhu’s

21 Mar


Life goal in ultimate lazy achievment. COMPLETE. Take that productive society!!!!

Oh…why hello their faithful viewers ๐Ÿ˜€ nice to see there are so many of you. I am sure you are wondering “what the cthulhuย is this kid talking about?”



Well, as you know by now, I am in an upper level Photo 4 class at my university (Film, not digital) and one of the requirments for the year was to print a 30″x40″ mounted mural print. The very thought of having to buy that much photosensitive paper made me cry…along with the 8 hours it would have taken to develop that beast. ECK.

*Ahem* Moving on….

I did my usual routine got up at 6am (slept in an hour. i DESERVED IT), did my workout, showed, drank my tea, and read my scriptures (as part of bucketlist item one’s requirement ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and went to my photo class.

Then I went home and decorated my cats grave some more. I THINK THIS IS COMPLETELY HEALTHY…..shutup internet.


Doesnt it look pretty?

Not much on the bucketlist happend unfortunately :/

But what I have been working on the most ย is finding an opportunity to volunteer.

I would prefer if it was for a good cause, rather than just for a need for extra hands at a hockey event.

I did have something lined up with the epilepsy society but the EXACT day I was going to hand in my volunteer sheet my cat died and I fell into hopeless despair (which has now apparently turned into a hopeless obsession with garden aesthetics lol)

Maybe i will try the SPCA. ๐Ÿ˜€ I HAVE always wanted to do that, but I know that they demand allot more of you than just a weeks worth of good deeds. In fact, its something like a 3 month commitment, so perhaps in the summer if the positions dont fill up to fast. Any thoughts?

OH, I FORGOT. I did do some more bucketlist documentingย last night, aka slightly worked on my painting of my church. But not enough that it would be a noticable difference for me to warrant posting a picture of it.

At the time I WAS attempting to do the homework that is due tomarrow….but instead sat for 4 hours in my studio, productively staring at a wall and then moved onto poking at my bucketlist painting for a good…5 minutes. BUT IT COUNTS!!!!

Which reminds me…I should get to my homework.

Off to stare at the walls some more! TTYL


Kiss My Skates Michelle Kwan.

20 Mar

The hardest part about writing blogs is writing the title. You always want to call it something that brings to light what will be discussed and yet you dont want to make it so obvious that no one really needs to read it in order for you to get your point across. At times it can be very frustrating.

I am sorry this blog is a little late, but it was a busy day on the 19th! Which, is awesome because I have more interesting things to write about! HUZZAH.

I got up at 8am and went to school to work on some photo four 18×20 prints and to be honest, I was feeling super depressed. I was missing people (a certain hunky people who does not know I exist), was just plain lonely, my photos for my two final projects are NOT working out and I dont have the money to buy the 4×5 film to redo them. But above it all, I am still severley missing my cat :C (I KNOW. I am forever a sad cat lady)

Not to mention I have some work worries in my present and my future. *Le Sigh*

So when i had finally given up on my photography after spending about 6 hours locked up in the dark room, I made my way to the grocery store and bought a punch of mozerella cheese strings to pitty binge on.

AND NATURALLY I chose to text share this with my bff. (Because thats just what you do when you are about to cheese binge and your a female)


Alright boys and girls, whats black and white and requires me to be social?

Ill give you a minute to come up with an answer :3….




A LIE TO GET ME TO GO AND LET HER PAY. (I have an issue with being uberly frugal, but i didnt feel to bad, considering a couple of my friends won a TON of money gambling recenlty…grrrr jealous)

So, I finished my shopping (cheese included) and even bought a 99 cent flower for my kitties grave, which made me feel a little better oddly enough….does this make me weird? XD HA. Probably.

Then I headed home and waited for them to come pick me up.

They were late, as usual so I nommed down hard on some mozzarella ;D until they came and we headed down to the local wave pool.

It was allot of fun! I have been wanting to go skating for a really long time. The last time i was there I was in Brownies LOL. I thought I would catch on right away because I am a huge roller blader (though, not a good one, but i consider myself decent…in a cautious kind of way HAHA)

NOPENOPENOPE It is NOTHING like rollerblading. In fact, about the only thing I could actually do was make little circles….and when I say LITTLE I mean, literally, me spinning in place. LOL

However, It was a decent workout, I have had better of course but any workout is better than none ๐Ÿ˜€ and i did learn what a tremendous skater my Friend/Friends Boyfriend is 0-o

ALTHOUGH, he could have been a little less show offy….that troll.


After awhile my bad knee started to give out so I had to slow down and take a break now and then, but I was determined to skate for as long and as much as possible in order to get the most out of the experience ๐Ÿ™‚

My knee has actually been really good the last couple of years so both me and my BFF were surprised it was being unruley.

After skating we all agreed that perhaps we were being to healthy and decided to renew our lost calories by having a taste-gasmic dinner at the old spaghetti factory ๐Ÿ˜‰

My newly rich friend was AWESOME enough to pay and fun was had by all. I got the ImageManicotti…always a fave…why they insist on garnishing it with parsely…I will never know.

By 9:30 we were full and had filled out a comment card on the awesome sexiness of our server Ryan (total stranger) and headed to their house aka our clubhouse to pet their new kittens!

To my surprise, more than one of their cats had a litter XD HAHA. They must have over ten furries running around that house! PLUS CHICKENS OUT BACK.

Unfortunately I was wearing my black jeans….never a good idea in a house where the air is thick with white fur.

They literally float around in tufts. LOL

And with that my good friends I bid you ado. It is 4am now and when i got home from all this adventure…I made the mistake of pigging out on more hot chocolate. (Yes, I think i have a problem) Since my stomach doesnt digest junk very well, this was not the greatest idea I have ever had (especially since it doesnt handle pasta or cheese very well either LOL)





P.S. Hello to all my new watchers! I hope you enjoyed reading my humble blog. ๐Ÿ˜€ thanks for being awesome and supporting my project! It helps allot to inspire me ๐Ÿ™‚

The Two Step Plunge?

18 Mar

Well, I got up on time but unfortunately…the parental unity made the unwise decision to bound into my room consistently to tell me things I didnt give a shit about.

So through all that I got MAYBE an hour of sleep. FUUUU.

I still did my usual morning routine. I am an awesome stickler for routine.

It seems like I cant catch a break lately and to be honest I am not feeling overly inspired to do much of my bucketlisting at the moment.

WHICH IS HORRIBLE, mostly because i can see myself following into a rut of procrastination and never doing anything with it again D:


I need to choose something to work on, any thoughts out there? (Cheaper options would be nice LOL)

A friend of my let me know about an opportunity to learn swing dancing at my university, it wasnt the kind of dancing i was thinking about but it has to count for something right?

The dancing thing stems from the fact that while i was growing up i wasnt allowed to leave the house…at all.

SO I never had the opportunity to go to any school dances and it always kind of saddened me :C

But I feel as though I am to shy to actually go out and socialize in a large unknown group of people as of yet. Maybe I just need to suck it up and take the plunge?

Or…ya know…I could avoid the world all together and work on a comic strip in between my horrible homework load…LOL…

Sorry for the short post ๐Ÿ™‚ i will try to draw a cartoon tomarrow to make u for it ๐Ÿ˜‰

Forever Your Friend Who Needs a Door That Locks



The Hills Are Alive With The Sounds Of…Rihanna?

17 Mar

My alarm didnt go off this morning! LUCKILY, I some how managed to wake up 2 hours before i had to leave for work and managed to do my work out, caffinate and read my scriptures (only a chapter though).

Things are not looking to good on the job front. But I wont give up! This is my dream job, I love to help and associate with artists and do my best to help the community while doing it. I get so many amazing opportunities and wonderful experiences through this, even if I do have to scrub toilet. HAHA. It can be really hard and unorganized at times, but thats part of the charm, problem solving on the spot is a unique challenge I seem to thrive in. Plus, I get to train a grade 12 student for her work experience. WHAT A SWEET HEART. Never complains, works hard…has caught on to my stupidity and addiction to caffeine easily…HAHAHA. That takes skill.

Anyways, I am sure you are not here to read about my day, so ONTO THE LIST.

Ongoing: “Commercial Fall Through” and “Music”


As you can see, there have been some changes due to some recent unpleasant issues. (I just cant catch a break recently, now can I? XD)

I have removed “Be in a commercial“. The reason being that the opportunity fell through. I cant say much more than that unfortunately.

But I have replaced it with a couple of dandy alternatives (I am trying to make “dandy” cool again. is it working?) which are to to attend the “Naughty but Nice” taboo show at our local tradex (and laugh at all the tight ass picketers HAHAHAHA) and also go and see/feed the birds at the local Aviary. It was suggested to me at work today and sounds like allot of fun…so long as I dont get stabbed to death by an unusually sharp beak…


With that bit of set back out of the way. Lets talk music!

As a child, my parental father figure shipped me off every summer to my parents up in the mountains and every time they would force me kicking and screaming to attend a proffessional musical summer school.

I HATED IT. I had liked music fine before attending but the competitive mothers and their satan spawned offspring completely ruined it for me. Since then I have been on this life long grudge against music and anything musical.

Which is to bad because I was supposedly, a super good singer when I was younger and even had an offer to be taught privately by one of the instructors but naturally by the time I was old enough to choose, I refused.

They taught a little of everything there, I was great with the singing, was a complete ham with the theatre, just followed along with the dancing, but when it came to instruments…well…let just say within the 7 years i attended….I took beginner keyboard 7 times. ๐Ÿ˜‰ (I am quite proud of that inability)

Long story short, since then, when i had my ipod on…it was to listen to the news.

SO, I finally decided that holding a grudge this long had to be unhealthy so I have been trying my best to listen to a little music everyday, usually when i am changing in the morning (deciding what to wear is a long and tedious process you know which requires background music, for posing purposed.)

So far I have found, Owl City, Rihanna and Adele are to my liking.


Feel free to toss them over in the comments below (WARNING: Rap will be severely mocked)



DJ TheHappyLittleArtist.

Word to yo mama.

Flash, Flash, Flash Goes The Camera. Document ALL THE THINGS

16 Mar

It was a rough emotional roller coaster last night, I ended up crying until 6am and finally fell asleep at about 7am then woke up today at 12:30, I kept thinking the rain outside was the sound of her drinking from her water bowl that I used to keep in my room.

Anyways once i got up I did my usual exercises, shower and forced myself to eat something. I realized I hadn’t really eaten much of anything but a salad in class yesterday. No appetite I guess. Then instead of tea I pulled out a bottle of Coke Zero, which I usually reserve for much needed on the job caffination (since I gave up Coffee its been a real life saver). I may have another one, even though I should save them for this weekends shift.

This whole thing is only just starting to hit me hard, dad had to physically stop me from bolting out into the rain to dig her up. I don’t like the idea of my baby outside alone in the dark ๐Ÿ˜ฆ and to top it all off it is also the 15th anniversary of my moms death today. WOW. What a week.

I will try to read my scriptures again today but since she died I have been slacking and I know it.

On a happy note, people are being pleasantly receptive to my bucket list when they read my blog ๐Ÿ™‚ and have even been suggesting ways to help me cross off more things! Like dance lessons over by my university, which will be a test for both “Learn to dance” and “over coming social anxiety” DUNDUNDUUUUN. Committing to things is always the hardest. I need to learn to breeeeeathe and relax. HAHA.

I will keep you informed on the dancing, but for now let us move on tooooo *Drum roll*Image

Ongoing: “Document Bucket list Experiences” and “Overcome Social Anxiety”

ย  ย  ย  ย  ย I kinda figured we would start at the top and work our way down through the ongoings, since their progress comes and goes with whatever I am doing at the time.

First off, what is anย Ongoing project to me in relation to this list?

Well, its pretty straight forward. These are things I want to do (or probably should do for my own mental well being) that are either difficult to determine the readiness or completion, or may take an undetermined amount of time to complete. In this case we are looking at Documenting and overcoming social anxiety.

Documenting has always been a VERY important part of my life (and if you know me, you are most likely very irritated by it. BUT ONE DAY YOU WILL THANK ME.)


Surprisingly, the only painful part of giving blood was when they pricked my finger for the iron test. They could at least of had some hello kitty band-aids...Just saying, just sayin.

By documenting, I am talking about taking pictures, videos, blogging my experiences and (like every self respecting HappyLittleArtist should) started a series of paintings to reflect my accomplishments…well, actually, calling it a series is jumping the gun just a little bit. Considering that I have only STARTED one….we shall see, we shall see.


A painting for the first thing I checked off (get baptised) its still a work in progress :/ DON'T JUDGE ME. lol

Lastly, I wanted to talk about overcoming my social anxiety.ย 

Many people outside of my friends don’t realize how badly I suffer from this HAHA. I am pretty sneaky with my ninja tactics and hiding the fact that I really avoid doing anything social. I DO. NOT. LIKE. CROWDS. Or anything/anyone new. (probably why i have not as of yet, joined my church’s youth group, FOREVER ALONE ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). When I started working on this I saw the group (more like family really <3) I frequent most with (and by most I mean usually only 3 times a year, yup its that bad HA) TWICE in one week. Needless to say, I think a few jaws dropped. Thus far we have gone mini golfing at the local games place, hung out at, what i like to consider, our club house (aka their acreage) AND I EVEN DID SOMETHING SPONTANEOUS (I am a plan ahead, no surprises type of person). A very good friend of mine (whom i had theย pineappleย dream about LOL) was randomly in town and I have been DIEING TO SEE HIM FOREVER. So, even though i was in the middle of an essay, it was 10pm at night (with school the next day) and I had no makeup on (ACK!!!! THE HORROR) I hopped in the mustang and we went off for a joy ride! Not surprisingly it was a blast ๐Ÿ™‚ (even did some more mini golfing). Also, i recently went to a career fair at school with an amazing classmate I know. ๐Ÿ™‚ she is awesome and I am really loving getting to know her. I feel as though she is helping push me along into social activities and university events i would never have considered before. I have even been to the on campus restaurant in between the two of us (and her hilarious boy toy) working on a photography project. There is not enough gratitude in the world to express to her at this moment, though I really should try.

Needless to say, this will absolutely be the hardest of my bucket list items to complete and it is not exactly clear on when or if I will ever be able to honestly cross it off. However, its important for me to try. I have come to realize that I cannot spend my entire life sitting at home alone watching Futurama and drinking Coke Zero in the dark. it did not make me happy and I felt like i have wasted half my life regretting the things I said i couldnt do, just because i was to scared to go out and socialize. So, I see this as an ongoing process, trying to breakthrough my tough exterior of mistrust and anxiety towards the outside world. This could very well be one of the more important aspects of this project that I will be working on.

Step one: Hang out more with the friends I have held for over a decade.

Step two: Hang out with more recent friends

Step three: Hang out with strangers/possible friends (*cringespasmdies*) <—-LETS LEAVE THIS FOR LAST? *scaaaaared* lol


I really hope my writing isnt to atrocious this time around. XD HAHA

Forever Changing (Hopefully for the better)


TheHappyLittleArtist :3